SEcurity cameras and other integrated systems are so important to fight the combat against crime

I have come to the conclusion that security cameras together with other "Internet Of Things" devices is of paramount importance to secure your own belongings and safety.

I build and sell a number of these unique devices at an affordable price. I try to build each unit as robust as possible and to customer requests. Every client has it own requirements and therefore no system can be replicated as a plug and play system. Every system is carefully planned with the clients requirements in mind before execution. 

what we do

We build integrated security systems with a difference!

During the planning phase of a new security system I do a comprehensive study on the needs of the client as well as the affordability factor.

You can not protect high end valuable property with a single camera or IOT setup!

I make use of the more advanced functions IP cameras has to offer, other installers normally does not have the time or knowledge to do it. I am from the old school and would rather take time to satisfy clients until a system is fully operational and does what is is suppose to do.

a safer point of view

Safety and security is our main goal.

It can not be compromised.
Do you have any security camera questions? Please call me to discuss.

we work with

We like to use Hikvision, Ubiquiti, Lora and Mikrotik products in our portfolio.